Palm Recordings Ltd. was founded in 2002 by Ion Metsovitis (MA MBM), which he established as a prime Protools system hiring company in 2000 under a different company name he created.


Ion Metsovitis started as a sound engineer working for Mute Records in '95 for two years. In '97 he moved on to Air-Edel where he became chief engineer and gathered vast experience in Film Scores. During his 7 year tenure at Air-Edel, he also became an expert Protools operator. He played a vital part in the recording and editing of film scores of which amongst others are the Oscar winning Gosford Park, Bridget Jones’s Diaries, Great Expectations, City of Angels and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

He has also worked on a mulitude of TV programs (BBC,ITV Channel 4), the world renowned Phantom of the Opera West End show and as an Information Technology expert in the first installment of Lord of the Rings.

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While the Protools hiring business was flying high, in 2002 a business opportunity in acquiring the first lot of 6 studios presented itself. In 2004 Ion Metsovitis left Air-Edel to focus on the running of the company,which over a period of 6 years accumulated the total of 30 studios.

In 2011, Ion split his original company to create Palm Recording ltd., a small and independent yet nimbler company with 14 studios at its business core.


Ions' experience stems not only from the larger and medium studios (Air Studios, Abbey Road, Air Edel) but he also graduated from the University of Westminster with a Master degree in Music Business Management in 2003.

Additionally and over the years, he has gained expertise in studio construction, which culmination came in early 2012, when he project managed the construction of the studio for award winning and multi selling producer Ian Shaw in Key West,Florida.

The future holds plans to expand the business in other areas of the music industry and the wider creative world without losing focus on the day to day requirements of the business and the clients occupying the studios.  

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