Protools Rooms:

Palm recordings Ltd. through it's own services and project allocation system is in the fantastic position to offer not just one Protools room but two fully equiped Protools rooms running the latest versions.

Our expertise in the field stems from Oscar winning and Grammy Award winning projects.

We continuously upgrade our systems and plug-ins to be at the leading edge of Protools services.

All our systems are running on Macs and run PT HD to the most recent versions of Protools. Our audio interfaces vary from Omni HD to HD I/O with various outboard equipment ir in the box mixing. Some systems also have Neve summing mixers that guarantee the vintage classic sound of Neve.

Monitoring is provided by Dynaudio Acoustics, Unity Rocks for our main monitors

Whether it's for track laying, programming or mixing, Palm Recordings Ltd. will cater for your project needs at extremely competitive prices.

Email us with your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote!

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